Deliver the optimal corporate travel air program with less time and effort.

Cut the cost of your air program without sacrificing traveler satisfaction. Arm yourself with deeper data analysis, smarter strategies, and an air sourcing and performance management partner with strong negotiating power. Advito Air services cover four primary areas:

Air program strategy review

Sourcing and supplier management

Benchmarking analysis

Dynamic Performance Management

Our team of air sourcing and program optimization experts do the heavy lifting to assess and determine the best markets, carriers and terms for your supplier contracts. Our consultants will assist you in RFP preparation and carrier negotiations, and make sure you get the best offer possible based on market conditions and your company culture.

With our Dynamic Performance Framework™, we take on performance management for you and provide you with a continuous flow of actionable insights, enabling you to make incremental improvements every month, all year long. It all adds up to more savings than ever before.

The best airfares, every time

Don’t settle for unfair market share commitments and discounts. We can help you get more from your corporate travel air negotiations. We ensure greater accuracy and comparability in the analysis of client airline contracts and proposals. This leads to more accurate and realistic savings projections and more reliable carrier selections, ultimately maximizing savings.

Gain visibility into your air program

Take the guesswork out with air strategy review, benchmarking, what-if scenarios and visualizations that help you make the best possible decisions. With our proprietary Quality Service Indicator (QSI) we’ll examine your program with historical data and future forecasting. We consolidate agency data, contract and unbiased expected market share metrics to manage your compliance and identify opportunities.

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Low risk and maximum returns

We have over 20 years of experience and manage over 300 total engagements per year with 5-20x return. Our clients think so highly of our services that we have a 90%+ re-engagement rate.

Time Inc. successfully downsizes its air program
after a corporate spin off.

Uncover savings opportunities in your travel program

Instantly see how much you can save through demand management, traveler behavior, air and hotel strategies.

Advito gave me a realistic number based on their knowledge of the air market, and we ended up right on target. I was able to let management know in advance what the spend was going to look like and why.

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