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Even as most companies have significantly reduced travel, key stakeholder groups across organizations are proactively developing strategies for a return to travel.

Advito’s Back to Travel Strategy offering is designed to identify the key questions that need to be addressed to drive traveler confidence in your program, identify supplier negotiation leverage, and to help you create an agile, dynamic program that will be able to respond to future travel disruptions.

  • Do your travelers have all of the information that they need, in the right channel at the right time?
  • Is your policy dynamic and up-to-date with COVID-19 related information?
  • Do you know how changes to supplier networks will affect your preferred programs?
  • How will you analyze and address shifting cleanliness and health standards?
  • Do you have the right virtual collaboration tools in place to ensure business continuity?

Our experts will conduct a policy review to identify gaps or risk areas, outline a communication strategy to drive awareness of shifting program goals identified during the course of the workshop, as well as conduct a full Air Strategy Review (ASR) and Hotel Strategy Review (HSR).

We will help you determine how to get back to travel safely and efficiently by focusing on the four key elements below.



Data-driven insights

No two travel programs are the same, and returning to travel will look different for every company. You need a data-driven strategy that takes your travelers’ expectations, supplier networks, and business needs into account.


Travel policy review

Businesses are looking at travel differently – ensuring that policies are aligned is critical as travel ramps back up. You need to make it as easy as possible for travelers to access your policy and change their behavior accordingly.


Supplier management

The hotel and airline industries will change as a result of COVID-19. Your supplier sourcing and management strategies will have to adapt to ensure that you are getting the best deals while mitigating financial and safety risks.


Traveler communications

Communicating with your travelers has never been more important. They need to feel confident that you can keep them safe and informed. Now is the time to refresh your Traveler Engagement strategy to shape your program for the future.

Ready to develop your back to travel strategy?

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