Virtual collaboration: Jump-start your initiative

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By Tyler Rittmaster, Senior Manager, Business Development, Advito

When leadership challenges management teams to find new ways to bring value to their organization, travel managers have an opportunity to contribute a significant idea: virtual collaboration. Virtual collaboration has broad-reaching benefits for an organization. It not only saves travel and expense costs; it promotes corporate sustainability, builds employee satisfaction and can change the way people work together overall (for the better).

Understand the savings potential

Successful collaboration programs have a corporate sponsor and interdepartmental teams focused on the initiative, so understanding the potential budget impact provides a starting point for conversations between departments and corporate leaders. We’re seeing that most companies can reduce or redirect up to 4 percent of their total travel spend by decreasing only 10 percent of trips related to internal travel. See how much your program could save with our breakthrough savings calculator.

Explore advanced technology

Advito has expanded its relationship with worldwide technology leader Cisco, which offers a range of innovative technology solutions. One of Cisco’s meetings and cloud-based collaboration resources is its Spark Board, a pioneering tool that combines a wireless presentation screen, a digital whiteboard, and an audio and video conferencing system into a single cloud-connected device. Advancements like this provide companies more choices and better options to help employees determine whether they should stay or go.

A distinctive approach

Advito operates at the leading edge of virtual collaboration, helping companies explore the advantages of this concept and implementing programs that can generate a tremendous return on investment through our Total Collaboration Management services. Most companies have already made some type of investment in virtual collaboration tools. Let us show you how we can help you optimize them. Email us at


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