Understand and influence your travelers’ behavior

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By Lesley O’Bryan: Practice Area Leader


Changing traveler demographics have shaken things up.  Business travelers are operating with more autonomy than ever, and are bringing their consumer travel habits to work.  Old travel policy restrictions no longer work to influence traveler behavior. Today’s business travelers need to be engaged through targeted messaging that sway them toward smart buying decisions on the road.

Today’s business travelers

Business travelers are more technically savvy, increasingly virtual and always connected.  Today, 30M people look for travel info on mobile each month.

Business travelers make their own decisions, trust their peers over experts, and openly share opinions.  72% of all internet users are active on social media.  Travelers are staying connected with their peers even when they aren’t physically together.

Business travelers use consumer technology to identify better booking options and savings.  50% of users download apps to receive special or personalized offers, and travelers will without a doubt want those offers to apply to their business travel as well as leisure.

What does that mean for travel managers?

It’s not enough to simply push policy – messages need to resonate with travelers in order to drive behavior change. Travel managers need to take a proactive approach to their communications and change their tone from “Thou must” to a more influencing approach that highlights the benefits to the traveler. Our methodology sticks to the “three I’s”:

Inform: Provide clear expectations on policy adherence.  Educating travelers before, during and after their trips can identify and reduce hidden spend that can add 10%–40% more cost to each trip.

Influence: Build trust to change habits and behaviors.  Supplying travelers with the right information, at the right time, in the right way will build confidence and trust in the program.  Not only that, but it will increase traveler productivity and satisfaction leading to improved compliance.

Incentivize:  Recognize & reward travelers so they feel valued and respected. You don’t need to incorporate gamification, simply acknowledge their efforts – like booking simple travel online instead of calling an agent.


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