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By Chelsea Franklin, Marketing & Communications Manager

If you’ve been on the Advito site prior to May 23, you probably noticed our complete website refresh. Our goal was to update the site with a fresh, modern look and feel as well as with an improved user experience and simplified messaging. You can see this on our homepage. Through our consultancy services, Advito provides a brighter way to balance travel program savings and satisfaction.

And we’re not stopping there. Advito is committed to breaking boundaries in corporate travel.

Earlier this year we launched our Intelligence & Analytics practice. Analytics are at the heart of everything we do. We go beyond what traditional agencies and payment and expense systems provide by bringing in multi-source, full-spectrum analytics.

Visualized in custom dashboards and coupled with our expert insights, these analytics turn into actionable recommendations that help clients uncover opportunities to maximize savings, program performance and growth.

We’re known for pioneering dynamic, supplier management strategies, but did you know we’re also leading innovation in Traveler Engagement? For years, we’ve been perfecting our approach to balancing business objectives with travel and collaboration options that raise employee productivity and satisfaction. See for yourself with our growing suite of Traveler Engagement services. Today, our holistic approach spans collaboration, policy, merchandising and marketing. With it, we help clients create corporate travel programs that inform, motivate and satisfy travelers and company leadership to sustain a culture of wise travel demand and traveler behavior.

I’m proud that our refreshed site now showcases how Advito’s smart analytics, unique supplier strategies and integrated traveler engagement can elevate a company’s travel program to reach new levels of value.

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