NDC insights & impact: What you need to know now

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NDC insights & impact: What you need to know now

IATA launched the NDC program in 2012. NDC Standard is an XML-based data transmission standard. It aims to transition from the current flight distribution model to an airline retailing distribution model. Now, airlines are leveraging NDC to gain more direct control over distribution. NDC adoption will also impact the way airlines are contracting with corporations.

In this one-hour webinar, Advito Senior Director & Global Air Practice Leader Olivier Benoit will explain:

  • What is this new airline retailing distribution model
  • Why & how it is impacting business travel
  • What you should do now to mitigate the cost of distribution surcharges introduced by some major airlines
  • How you can turn NDC into an opportunity for your Air category management
  • What comes next

Please click here to watch the recording of the webinar.


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