Moving Beyond the Big Three: Why Agency, Payment and Expense Data isn’t Enough

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Produced by: BTN Group

Sponsored by: Advito

We all know that spend transparency and supplier negotiation strategies are important. With advancements in data and technology, you might be thinking that now is the time to integrate your agency, payment and expense data. But there are many important factors that the “big three” can’t capture.

Integrating third-party data sources can give you a holistic view while also being a cost-effective business intelligence solution for your program. Join us for this hourlong webinar to learn why the integration of traditional data sources just isn’t enough anymore and what you can do about it, simply and effectively, to elevate the returns of your travel program. Register now for this “In the Know” webinar with content developed and sponsored by Advito.

Key takeaways / Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the pitfalls of a limited
    data strategy
  2. Identify additional data sources that can bring a higher level of insight
  3. Apply insights to advanced cost control strategies for your program

Speakers: April Bridgeman of Advito and BCD Travel and Claudia Unger, Consultant and Corporate Trainer

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