How to make the most of your travel program data

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Nestlé’s problem was not uncommon.  They had an abundance of data about its global air travel program, but their data was compiled into quarterly reports, and was dated before the company’s travel program leader ever saw it. And when he did receive the data, it was a mountain of numbers, charts and graphs.  All of which was difficult to mine for nuggets of actionable information.  If you’re nodding your head at this point, you aren’t alone.   Given the complexity of a large corporate travel program, it’s normal to see data coming in from a multitude of sources, without much normalization to understand and identify opportunities for improvement.

Nestlé wanted to be in the driver’s seat with its data, and it wanted consultative advice on using the information to drive performance goals. That’s where we stepped in- to transform program data into action plans, improve performance and lower air costs.  By implementing our Dynamic Performance Management Air program, Nestle had access to our data-rich, visual dashboard for on-demand program performance analytics.  In addition, we offered our expert recommendations, taking into account all the moving pieces – suppliers, market dynamics, and traveler behavior- to find innovative ways to make program adjustments and get the highest returns possible.

The results?   Nestle was left with improved negotiating leverage, data-driven consultative recommendations and timely, targeted reports.  Not only that, but they saw a 10% reduction in overall intercontinental air program costs, and 20% savings on some key routes.

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